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>You can trust me – I”m from around here – #895


Fresh Choice is a small supermarket group with one location in Nelson and another (much nicer) one in the Richmond Mall.

They support local producers.

Not because it’s trendy or because it’s the “new” Food Miles thing – it’s just because “everyone’s having a hard time at the moment, so let’s keep the money in the community”.

Stefan (named after Stefan Edberg, the Swedish tennis player and master of the exquisite serve and volley) was dead keen to pose for the picture.

“Thumbs up OK?” he asked


“Cool” he said.

His co-worker was slightly more reticent about becoming a media star, but at least she lent us her back and supplied the text….

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3 thoughts on “>You can trust me – I”m from around here – #895

  1. >"Go Local" is a fine idea!

  2. >Yeah fresh choice Hope you have a gud time in new Zealand and Nelson Was that an iPhone 3g or 3gs

  3. >So ummmm I guess what you're trying to say is this crowd is not from away?

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