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>Logs to Nelson – #897


 The Nelson region has over 100,000 hectares of production forestry.

The port exports over 800,000 m3 of timber annually.

So why would a vessel loaded to the gunwales with logs be nudged into Nelson harbour by a tug while we were having fish and chips (and a discreet bottle of Sauvignon Blanc) with Meg and Ben yesterday evening?

Isn’t that a bit like selling coal to Newcastle?

Or Eulen nach Athen, as they say in Germany?

I ventured that it was a rejected export shipment.

Meg said “Maybe they’re going to stick ’em back in the ground”

Which is a good idea.

Maybe they’ll grow roots.

You’ll be able to harvest them again in a year or two.

You could probably keep doing it forever.

I think it’s called “recycling”….

So a very pleasant time was had by all, made quite special by Eve and Pat, two of the ladies from the fish shop, who walked all the way across the carpark to ask us if we enjoyed our fish and chips.

Nothing, of course,  to do with the fact that they then picked up the roadside signs, had a surreptitious drag on a coffin nail and strolled from whence they came….

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2 thoughts on “>Logs to Nelson – #897

  1. >Is it "the man himself?!" Great photo with everyone toasting one another! Food and drink with friends…nothing better!

  2. >Have you located an 'alcohol free zone' or did you have to pay for it??? dws~11

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