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>Oh dear…..#940


Well, you’d look depressed too if you’d got up at stupid o’clock, put on your best shirt and rocked on down to the market in Mainz, only for the van to break down on the way and THEN for the espresso machine to become incontinent at the tombez d’un chapeau.

“I can hear it now” he said ” When Brigitte (his wife, who’s away for the weekend) gets back, it’ll be “Well, couldn’t you have fixed it? Why did you break it in the FIRST place? It wouldn’t have happened if I’D been there, I’m sure…”

“And it’s a Saturday AND the sun’s shining AND everyone wants a coffee. AND I’m hoarse from telling everyone….”

There are other places (I won’t honour them with the title of “alternatives”…) where you can get coffee, but I really WAS looking forward to a good solid doppio this morning

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2 thoughts on “>Oh dear…..#940

  1. >Unfortunately, life's like that. Good luck, when she returns.

  2. >There'll be hell to pay!V

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