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>There ARE alternatives – #947


The catastrophic absence of decent coffee on the market last week made me aware of an urgent need for contingency planning.

This place isn’t bad – Die Mainzer Kaffemanufaktur has been around since 1926, roasting small batches of coffee and selling it to people other than me.

They’ve recently moved in to what used to be Cafe Bachmann, one of those classic Mainz “Granny Cafes” where you have to be an OAP to get in and have to fight your way past the display of opulent cream gateaux to your table.

The grannies are still there (I think I was the youngest customer by a couple of years and I STILL don’t think that I fit their demographic) as are the gateaux, but you can sit at the bar just like in Italy and their doppio has an excellent crema and loads of grunt, so we’re set up if the machina at Moguntia throws another wobbly.

Of course, you don’t get the scintillating conversation and repartee that adds so much to the enjoyment at Moguntia, but you can’t have everything….

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3 thoughts on “>There ARE alternatives – #947

  1. >What do you mean…no scintillatingconversations from Grannies? You obviously do not know the right Grannies!

  2. >Oh I think I see a little something wrapped up on your saucer. I love that in Paris. That little almond or something sweet. I'm ready to go right now JB but must stick it out for a while. BTW, I'll bet I would have fit right in with the grannies. V

  3. >Where's the scone or muffin or biscotti to go with it? Don't you have standards?!

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