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>Monthly Theme Day – Statues – #961


This was just TOO tempting.

I couldn’t resist.

It’ll doubtless get me blacklisted.

An Italian’s studying the plans of his new house with the interior designer.

“I wanna a statue in THIS room” he says “and a statue over HERE and another one over THERE and then two over here.”

Interior designer’s a tad puzzled, but he figures that if that’s what the client wants….

House is finished, owner comes to inspect and EXPLODES.

“Whaddyou put all a these dead people all a through my house?” he screams “This Venus de Milo, this Davido, I no wanna these things”

Interior designer stutters ” But you SAID you wanted all of these statues”

“No, you no unnerstand” says the client “I want when my friend call me, I pick uppa da receiver and say:”‘S dat you?”

“These Sdatyous I want….”

I’ll get my coat….

The serious people are over here

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

(Good thing we haven’t had a “Favourite Vegetable” Theme Day  I’d REALLY be in trouble…)

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2 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Statues – #961

  1. >Well, what can I say?!

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