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>Über den Dächern von Mayence – #967


Hitchcock’s 1955 classic “To catch a thief” ran under the title “Über den Dächern von Nizza” (“Above the roofs of Nice”) and it sprang immediately to mind when I ventured up to the 5th floor of the Brand shopping complex to have a chat with the anaesthetist the other day in preparation to losing bits of my meniscus.

(Which I duly lost with a minimum of discomfort)

Not often that you’re eye-to-eye with St Stephan (11 o’clock), but I could definitely have done without a full-frontal of that bloody gasometer perched on top of the Theatre

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2 thoughts on “>Über den Dächern von Mayence – #967

  1. >OH poor baby. I hope it didn't hurt too terribly bad and that you got lots of sympathy from Mrs. JB. Sounds to me like you're falling apart, bit by bit JB.V

  2. >A great rooftop view! Would have made a great spot for a glass of vino schmino or lunch or a cup of coffee with treats and a friend! But I guess you would have needed a table?

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