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>What’s in a name? – #984


That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
The Whitsun rose aka the Benedictine rose aka Paeonia officinalis.
(There’s also the tree peony, but that’s another story.)
Whitsun rose (Pfingstrose), because it blossoms on or around Whitsun. i.e. now if we hadn’t had such a crappy Spring.
Benedictine rose because Benedictine monks supposedly transported it across the Alps to northern Europe from southern Europe which is where it ended up all the way from China. (Although these days, it would end up directly in a Walmart near you…)

They’re selling them on the market and in places like Kölle for €2 EACH
We have them in the garden.
I just worked out that were to sell them all on the market, I’d have enough for a condo on Central Park with enough small change left over for a Learjet….

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3 thoughts on “>What’s in a name? – #984

  1. >very beautiful. from the thumbnail i almost thought they were

  2. >Just as well you found time to take (and share) this picture before heading to the bank and the big life …

  3. >I'm waiting for my neighbor's peonies to bloom!

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