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>Monthly Theme Day – Funny Signs – #992


Visit enough art museums and you can start to empathise with this fridge magnet from Sticky Jam, a funky design outfit from Hamburg:

“Is that art or can we get rid of it?”

There are some classic stories associated with the theme, mostly involving Josef Beuys, a leading German modern artist.

One of his works, an Objet trouvé featuring a grimy bathtub filled with bandages and plasters, was in storage in an art museum in Leverkusen prior to an exhibition where it was discovered in 1973 by 2 women from the local branch of the SPD political party looking for a suitable receptacle in which to rinse glasses after a party.

Duly emptied and scrubbed clean, it cost the city DM40,000 in damages….

A similar fate awaited his iconic Fettecke – Fat Corner – which is/was (you’ve guessed it) the corner of a room accurately filled with butter.

Duly removed by the janitor at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf in 1986.

Another DM40,000……

These fridge stickers from Sticky Jam won’t put you out by that much, though.

A mere €3.50.

So affordable, in fact that I think I shall invest in

“The Early Bird …… can kiss my ass”

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9 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Funny Signs – #992

  1. >Cool sign! I love it!

  2. >Wahnsinnig cool! Artsy sign for theme day! Go Green!

  3. >That's hysterical. It just goes to prove that with some art, one definitely needs the narrative to with it.One artist is going to spray the grass black at the sculpture park this summer, and I must say, it makes even me say some concepts are better left at the conceptual level :-).-Kim

  4. >I love it!But that saying doesn't apply to our photos 🙂

  5. >Whew! In that case I'm glad I wasn't the first commenter.

  6. >So you want to check out the Museé Moderne while in Paris? They've got some humdingers. Oh and there's the Musée Erotique. That's a thought…….And thankfully I"ve never been accused of being an early bird!V

  7. >The eternal question.

  8. >Beuys is a genius, and the sentiment of your photo is here to stay, I think.

  9. >Great anecdotes. Doesn't pay to be tidy, does it?

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