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>And it’s still…. – #996


…that time of year.

Season runs until St John’s Day – 24 June

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6 thoughts on “>And it’s still…. – #996

  1. >Oh, my! A startling picture! I must disagree avec Virginia's first observation: IMVHO, the very large ones are old, tough, and hard whilst the small, tender ones are a sensory delight. But LEMON butter? Ewwww.

  2. >On the other hand, the small tender ones are really good with lemon butter?

  3. >That picture is kind of … "masculine". What would Steve Fullmer say?

  4. >Oh I forgot to add that oddly enough, the really big ones are the absolute best! 🙂

  5. >Please no. Don't get me started again! I"m LOL!~

  6. >Now that's a lot of white asparagus! Ok, but I think I'd buy green beans and peas and corn – my fav veggies!

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