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>Man of the ….. – #1000



The boy hisself, as flash as a rat with a gold tooth, on his very own pedestal in his eponymous square.

So doesn’t time just fly?

Thanks for the interest and the collective tolerance of a combination of bad-tempered geriatric ranting, stale jokes and general weirdness.

Thanks to Helen for jumping in on occasion (give us a bell, girl) and to Meg and Ben for tolerating encroachments (#896 – #919) on their territory.

And thanks to Eric for the forum.

(Technical note: an 500mm/f8 Nikkor mirror lens mounted on a D80 body which gives a focal length of 750mm. I had to walk 5km to get a decent perspective…)

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9 thoughts on “>Man of the ….. – #1000

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  2. >Book lovers and typographers the world over owe him much. I'm late yet again, but I couldn't let this important day go by without a word: Congratulations!

  3. >Just read the fine print. That's one helluva lens you have there. Bringing it?VPS My WV is FLUSI………I am not! 🙂

  4. >Super Big? Well I"ll just wait and see for myself.V

  5. >Respekt! Keep on posting, beeing 8.860 km away from home, MDP always makes my day.

  6. >Who taught you that outrageously disgusting phrase, Leif? Go and wash your mouth out with soap!

  7. >Ah, Johannes Gutenberg! Congratulations for the feat of hitting 1000, and thank you for the choice of subject for your anniversary…he's perfect! The best thing that happened to me was learning how to read, no exaggeration, and your subject is an important part of the whole process.

  8. >Grattis! Omedito gozaimashita! Congratulations! Felicitations! Affentittenhammergeil! Way to go on doing 1,000 postings! As we say in my office, "You're not big, you're super big!"(In this case, that's meant as a compliment)

  9. >Congratulations! For the photo and the milennium!

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