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>Well, if "Mayence" is French for "Moguntia"…#1013


…then hayell,  Pairis, Frayence* belongs to the territory.

The real story’s over on Paris through my lens which is an offshoot of Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo, run by a hoot of a woman running under the name of Virginia Jones (*That’s how she talks. I’ll admit to not understanding a lot..)

The other version’s up at YMBFA, but here’s a brief summary:

  • Fly to Paris at sparrow’s fart
  • Collect Virginia’s friend Mary (Queen of Arkansas Cincinatti) at CDG
  • Escort her into town
  • Following Mary’s instructions, enter Virginia’s (supposed) apartment block and ascend to 3rd floor before determining that the whole structure is a building site in imminent danger of collapse
  • Collect Virginia
  • Drink coffee
  • Walk around in circles (Place de Bastille circumnavigated twice…) looking for Peter the Divine and Owen
  • Have lunch
  • Discover multiple artists’ ateliers. All closed.
  • Walk around Place des Vosges (in circles…) looking for Peter the Divine and Owen. Again.
  • Discover a musical instrument shop beyond belief
  • Go to the airport
  • Get bumped off my flight
  • Get home at some ungodly hour
  • Miss all the soccer matches

Wouldn’t have missed it for the world

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6 thoughts on “>Well, if "Mayence" is French for "Moguntia"…#1013

  1. >JB – are you ill? You're behind on your posting duties…do I have to call the blogger police?

  2. >now! what's this I hear about labrador dog & white stick – I'll be watching youDianne xx

  3. >Reading your blogs concerning your meet up with Virginia and Mary in Paris has been THE most fun!I'm already looking forward to the next trip!

  4. >Now I"M LOL. YOU are a mess JB and I we did have the most hilarious day didn't we! You forgot the group photo in the pouring rain with everyone's umbrellas a kilter.Glad you got here early in the visit. I'm on my last Paris leg on my last Paris day and can hardly put one foot in front of the other. Time to get back to the farm now that I've seen Paree! Dayum!!! Behave yoself darlin'.

  5. >I've been reading about this Paris trip of Virginia's in Bunte Magazine, Stern, Paris Match, People magazine, Facebook and NOW on your blog …..

  6. >LMAO! For Tha Love!!!! You could not have given any stranger a more perfect summary of "Muthah"! Your writing gives the closest thang to tha suthun dialect, besides bein heeuh for yoself! Wish I had never read your blog, I can't find enough hours in my day as it is!!! And, I tend to run circles in the same manner as my muthah!Say Lah Vee frum tha Suthun Belles not so belle-like daughter-Kathleen

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