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>Open gardens – #1017


If you drive through the Mainzer Strasse, the secondary main drag (the Breite Strasse is the monguntian equivalent of the Champs Elysee..) in Gonsenheim, you’ll see wall to wall houses with high walls, massive gates and no inkling of what lies behind them.

But if you sneak around the back and follow the Gonsbach, a creek that runs parallel to the Mainzer Strasse, you find treasures like this.

And on Open Gardens Day, you can even go IN, talk to the owners and rubber neck around.

Especially rubber neck around.

Not me, of course.

Me, I end up talking to Gunter Beck, the newly elected Mainz mayor and head honcho of the Greens around here.

Talked a bit about Change Management, seeing as how I’m now officially – ahem – a Visiting Lecherer Lecturer and gave him some tips.

Not that he’ll hire me, of course.

They’re close to €1 billion in debt….

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One thought on “>Open gardens – #1017

  1. >Well he needs to check your references JB. I'll provide one gladly, although I can only vouch for cell phone programming assistance and maybe Metro/RER help, and miniscule translation of Southern/ whatever.On second thought.. Enjoy your retirement.V

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