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>The last of the… – #1019


 ….Summer Wine Bugner asparagus.

Lydia Bugner, our asparagus lady, is quitting.

Granted – it’s a bugger of a job.

You’re up at stupid o’clock every morning, it’s back-breaking work, you’re either up to your ankles in mud or getting UVed to a cinder and – if you sell excess production to the co-op during a glut- you get sod all and threepence a kilo.

But where are we going to get unadulterated (as in “grown-naturally-without-plastic-sheets-to-force-it-into-a-tasteless-white-watery-stick”) asparagus?

We’ve got a year to work out a strategy….

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3 thoughts on “>The last of the… – #1019

  1. >Leif Hagen, you're heading for a truckload of rosaries and Hail Marys (or whatever the Lutheran equivalent is) if you don't settle down. Sheesh – I'm used to Virginia coming up with stuff like that, but clean-living Leif…?

  2. >That kinda looks like…. well, never mind. Yours is a family blog.

  3. >I understood about half of that whole thing. Love me some fine white French/German asparagus as you well know. Well back to the shower then. ( Now I'm talkin' like you…sort of.V

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