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>Monthly Theme Day – Reflections – #1021


Thinks (reflects?): Either a sunset or a 50 megaton nucular thingie taking out Wiesbaden.

Either way.

Mainz’s soon-to-be-relocated container port

The usual gang’s along for the tripclick here to view thumbnails for all participants

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9 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Reflections – #1021

  1. >Beautiful choice for the monthly theme!!!Hood Photo Blog

  2. >YAY…welcome back to blogging JB

  3. >That's probably the prettiest shot I've seen of an industrial area!

  4. >Quite an explosion there 😉

  5. >That harbor seems to contain a lot of things including some nice reflections!Sehr gut gemacht!

  6. >I love all the colorful cargo stacked up on the right as well. Very cool shot. VPS Perhaps your dad and his pal were having a little fun with the explosives in Wiesbaden? HA

  7. >The sun really reflects on the port and lights it up brilliantly.

  8. >The light on the left really does look like a nuclear blast. Shudder! I particularly like the drifting smoke coming from the chimney. I'll have to reflect on the whole image now.

  9. >Another great sky! Happy theme day.

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