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>The (j)bee’s knees – #1023


When you have bits of your inner meniscus cut away via keyhole surgery, all the gunk and stuff that stays in the joint glues your kneecap to whatever else is in there.

One of the jobs of the physios is to get the kneecap moving again.

As in:
Get a firm grip on the kneecap and move it up and down, left and right, for as long as it takes, all the while ignoring any screams of pain and appeals for mercy from the patient.

Not quite that bad, but it’s something I could have done without.

These tender fingers belong to Lisa, one of Holger Bergmann‘s nubile slaves employees.

She’s really good.

And she hasn’t even finished her studies…

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5 thoughts on “>The (j)bee’s knees – #1023

  1. >Been there, done that…loved the knee massage…been working out and getting enforced flexibility with a physio up here…it's a good thing…bear with it!!! And then for good measure…get yourself some MSM cream and massage that in…definitely helps!!! Great photo!!!

  2. >You're going to have to check the options box which will warn us about "Adult Content" on your blog if you keep this up…:-)

  3. >JB, you are soooo provocative…I'm heading to the shower with Virg…

  4. >Cold shower coming up.

  5. >I'm glad that knee doesn't belong to one of Germany's soccer players! And, I'm a bit surprised at your nudity on the blog.

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