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>Slipping through the cracks – reloaded – #1026


So Hubert‘s barge fronts up in Mainz, we’re all sitting expectantly on the bleachers when Hubert’s roadie riverie  takes the mike and says “We have a slight problem…..”.
It’s more than a slight problem, actually – Hubert keeled over on stage the previous night in Offenbach and is in hospital with what sounds like incipient pneumonia.
But wait! We have a solution. Xavier Naidoo, a local hero from Mannheim of South African and Indian descent and who has been jamming with Hubert and his crew here and there along the way, is going to step up to the crease.
And there are 2 options: leave and get your money back (which about half do, still booing as they queue for their refund and getting aurally battered by what they didn’t want to hear in the first place…grin) or stay, enjoy the concert and get cut-price tickets for a repeat concert that they’ll set up for later in the year.
We stay.
Mrs jb isn’t too keen on Xavier Naidoo – “All sounds pretty much the same” – but you have to respect him for learning the ENTIRE SET within 24 hours and fronting up the whole deal.
With the exception of the yodelling, which the drummer reckoned he could “sort of” do. Which he could.
Xavier brought along a couple of his rapper mates, did a couple of his own songs, but the rest was Hubert’s stuff, supported by the band and 3 really cool backing singers, one of whom (Elisabeth Schuen, pictured above) is a mezzo-soprano and does serious classical stuff in real life.

Great concert.
Hubert von Goisern – Haut und Haar
Hubert von Goisern – Abreisejodler
Söhne Mannheims – Und wenn ein Lied
Söhne Mannheims – Zurück zu dir
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2 thoughts on “>Slipping through the cracks – reloaded – #1026

  1. >Rap AIN"T music, JB.V

  2. >Don't ya just hate it when the "real" superstars can't make it! Drats!

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