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>Last Dit(s)ch Stand- #1030


Selling bretzels and assorted colourful mini-pizze is a hard road to hoe in this sort of weather.
When the outside temperature is only marginally (if that…) lower than in your oven, folks will stay away in droves.
Actually, they sit in the ice-cream parlour and gloat.
Especially if they’re Antipodeans….
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4 thoughts on “>Last Dit(s)ch Stand- #1030

  1. >I have it on the best authority that in Rhineland-Palatinate they're called Bretzels and if you buy them from the Ditsch factory outlet in Hechtsheim, they're so dry that you'll need subsequent dental work

  2. >In Germany we neither have Pretzels nor Bretzels – we only have Brezeln – soft ones from Swabia and crisp ones from Bavaria.

  3. >" Hard road to hoe?" Well looks like my southerness has rubbed off on you JB! 🙂 And I'm sure a BRETZEL is some something akin to a pretzel? I thought pretzels were German in the first place. Oh heck, I"m tired, I"m going to bed.V

  4. >Was ist der Unterschied zwischen BRETZEL und PRETZEL?

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