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>My friend the Baron – #1047


Years ago, my Mate the Professor gave me a bottle of this wine and it took me yonks to trace it back to its source.

And by one of those strange but fortuitous coincidences of mistaken identity, Sigmund Baron von Kripp thought that we knew each other fairly well.

We didn’t, but we hit it off straight away and stuck with “Sigmund” and “John”.

Dropped me a mail the other week, saying he’d be up here visiting a mate from college and did we want some wine?

So we’re sitting on the deck chatting and he says “It must be great to be able to live so…compactly”

(We’ve got 130 m2 built in 1978 on 1/8th of an acre, he’s got a castle dating back to 1300-something with 400m2 of living area set on 3/4 of an acre right in the middle of the village of Parcine in South Tirol. Which is the German-speaking bit of Italy).

“You get lost in our place” he said.

But we did get talking about MDP, he reckons I’m a crash-hot photog and he wants me to do a photo-shoot for his website and sundry advertising when I’m next down there.

“I pay very generously.” he said. “In wine”

Suits me down to the ground…

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3 thoughts on “>My friend the Baron – #1047

  1. >The wine exchange sounds like a terrific deal, even tho you live "so compactly."

  2. >I"m so in. I can be packed and ready to go in no time. Exactly HOW MUCH wine do you thing the Baron has? V

  3. >JB, what a great story and I have always maintained that you can make best friends over a glass (or more) of wine — I can't wait to see your pictures on this great adventure. Maybe V and I should bop over too 😉

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