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>Monthly Theme Day – Bright Colours – #1052


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Eric, for the correct spelling of “colour”…..

Trivial Pursuit claims that the colour combination with the highest contrast (apart from black and white) is yellow and black.

Orange and green come close though, and they’re healthy to boot.

Slight risk of inciting sectarian violence, though.

And now here’s a TRUE STORY about orange.

A mate’s in a supermarket and buys some aubergines (eggplants).

Callow youth at check-out “What are they?)

Mate: “Aubergines”
CYAC: (Checks product list for a code) “We don’t have them.

Mate: “Well, the fact that I’m standing here with them would indicate otherwise”

CYAC: “Listen, the only things we’ve got listed under “O” are oranges…”

You’ll probably get more sense out of the rest of the team

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12 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Bright Colours – #1052

  1. >Perfect!Love the colour.

  2. >Pass the salt s'il vous plait.V

  3. >Great shot. Amazing what you can do with a bunch of carrots. Or maybe CYAC thought they were orange turnips.

  4. >What a great idea to post carrots for the theme day. But of course! Really like the photo.

  5. >Colour coding might help at that store.

  6. >Great posted for Theme day, Simple but great !!!!!

  7. >How's your eyesight?!

  8. >wow, they look great, bright and perfect juice material =)happy august theme day!

  9. >Such rich color. Now all you need is a rabbit!

  10. >Great Theme Day post! Mine is up at Great photo! Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

  11. >I like the joke.These carrots look beautiful. Would love to crunch into one!!!PS: We Americans spell colour without the "u" so color is also an accepted spelling. 🙂

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