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>I do like your hat….#1074



Who cares?

Birgit Reis runs an excellent flower shop – “Pusteblume” – in Diedesfeld, which is a mere hop,skip and about 100km down the autobahn away from here.

We got talking, she said that they actually had a website, but the web developers were a) useless and b) expensive and they’d let it slide.

So I set up a blog for her to be going on with

Here she is at the Palatinate Garden Market in Maikammer at the weekend.

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3 thoughts on “>I do like your hat….#1074

  1. >Birgit,You better keep an eye on JB. He's a mess you know!I love your chapeau! :)V

  2. >JB — Nice photo and she has a beautiful blog now thanks to you! Great job!

  3. >I adore hats and have a closet full of them which I've collected over the years. It's a pity that more women do not wear them as a regular addition to their wardrobe (not that I do, but it's something I'd like to do!). This hat gives the woman and her business real style. I checked her blog…you done good!!

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