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>Lenticularly trussed – #1078


This is how the iPhone spat it out. Honest.

Now, I have it on very good authority that these are some form of cumulus (cumuli?). Probably Cumulus humilis, but I’m only on Page 10 on The Cloudspotter’s Guide, so they could be anything really….

The wispy ones up top look a bit cirrusy, but that’s Chapter 8…

On even better authority (Wikipedia), I can tell you that this is the Mainz-Gustavsburger Eisenbahnbrücke,  a lenticular truss* bridge built between 1860 and 1862, knocked down by the retreating German army in 1945, rebuilt in 1949 and fixed up again last year with a widened bike track (thanks v. much for that…).

I’ve only traversed it once on the bike

I shared my journey with a train and the whole darn thing shook around so much, I though I was going to be bounced off into the river, never to be seen again.

Reassuring to know it’s meant to be like that…..

*Friedrich August von Pauli (1802-1883) published details of his truss design in 1865. Probably the most famous Pauli truss, better known as the lenticular truss — named because of the lens shape, is Pittsburgh’s Smithfield Street Bridge. Its opposing arches combine the benefits of a suspension bridge with those of an arch bridge. But like the willow tree, some of its strength is expressed in its flexibility which is often noticeable to bridge traffic.

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4 thoughts on “>Lenticularly trussed – #1078

  1. >Never mind the trains – with a little luck bikers can even outrun an ICE standing dead on the bridge and waiting to get clearance for the station. It’s the speed freaks you have to share the bridge with. Once you slow down to take a closer look at those beautiful cumuli they will give you a furios tintinnabulation with their bike bell. The highways (Schierstein Bridge, Weisenau Bridge)are even more compelling – eyeball to eyeball with the oncoming traffic.

  2. >The sky is fantastic…no photoshop, honest?! Looks too good to be true, but you're obviously perfecting your technique. I would NEVER doubt your word. Sounds like a great bike adventure, too!!

  3. >When I read the small print, it would seem that the whole point of the bridge is to be flexible. Shared it with a train? Scarrrrry!The wispy ones are cirrus — I agree!Passe un bon weekend, mon amie!

  4. >On a bike? Good grief.V

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