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>Feats don’t fail me now – #1080


Rocked on down to the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz last night to finally see Little Feat.
Never got to see them during the Lowell George period – he’s been gone for over 30 years, and I still miss him, can you believe it? – but the current line-up is pretty much the original crew plus Fred Tackett).
So it was bit of a disappointment that they delivered exactly 1:28 worth of a bored going-through-the-motions 9 song performance, zero audience interaction, crap sound mix and self indulgent solos. (Worth it just for Ken Gradney, the bass player, though. Quite extraordinary..)
Encore? A 15 minute version of “Fat man in the bathtub”.
The song’s 4:34. Done properly
But I was surprised that the folks at Schuhtick didn’t at least pick one of their songs for the music mix they had on offer at the exhibition.
“Sailing Shoes”, for example. 
Maybe the lyrics frightened them off, but it’s no worse than Amy Whine(sic)house  (now THERE’S a Freudian slip for you..) and “Bleep me pumps”…
There’s a lady in a turban
In a cocaine tree
And she does a dance so rhythmically
She’s a crying and a singing
Havin’ a time
But don’t that cocaine tree look fine
Here’s Valerie Carter, Inara George (Lowell’s daughter) plus Van Dyke Parks,  Fred Tackett, Paul Barrere, Kenny Gradney, Richie Hayward (died this month) rehearsing it for the Lowell George Tribute at the Theatricum Botanicum Aug 19 2007
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One thought on “>Feats don’t fail me now – #1080

  1. >JB, glad you were there in the mosh pit even if there were disappointments. V and I had a discussion about whether you knew the term from the Winehouse song. We thought that some of those red shoes you posted last week might be FMPs.Genie

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