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>Dig in – #1102


Hope they said grace beforehand.

“2, 4, 6, 8
Dig in, don’t wait…”

Posted using BlogPress in the absence of any Internet connectivity thanks to 1&1, my ISP, who had the BALLS to try and sell me an UPGRADE before fixing a non-functional service……..

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5 thoughts on “>Dig in – #1102

  1. >Is it zwiebelkuchen? and federweißen?

  2. >JB, I remember one of my sisters trying out a "rogue blessing" at the dinner table. Uh, big mistake! Looks tasty whatever they are having!Genie

  3. >Yumm! I wouldn't mind a taste of both of those desserts!

  4. >LOL! I would hate to have heard that phone conversation. I'll bet somebody's ears are still burning! What are they eating, pizza or pie/tart of some kind. I want it whatever.V

  5. >Was this a pizza-tasting activity of sorts or just family and friends enjoying the food? PS. Have a good week, jb…

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