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Clone me. Please -#1115

Here I am, stuck in Meg and Ben territory (and being studiously ignored by Meg, who should perhaps check her cellphone..) suffering blue skies, 18ºC and sitting in the Boatshed Cafe overlooking the ocean and forcing myself – yes, FORCING myself – to eat eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

Meanwhile, back in the homeland, they’re make Federweisser (a picture of which I can magically conjure up at whim…) like nobody’s business.

Life”s just NOT FAIR.

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4 thoughts on “Clone me. Please -#1115

  1. >Beautiful composition. I like a lot of pictures on the diagonal. Congratulations.

  2. >JB, I am not too sympathetic that you cannot clone yourself to be in two incredible places at once. Besides, if it could be done I would have done it already!Love the green bottles — great shot! Enjoy yourself in NZ!Genie

  3. >Ahummmm Meg, I'll have what JB's having. Sounds divine. Love the green bottle shot. Have you noticed that I get all charged up over the photos containing alcohol?V

  4. >Is this a photo from an earlier time, or are you indeed in NZ? I guess you're just a travel-tramp; not bad if one can get passes! If you are in NZ now, I'm not at all jealous…just hope that the flight was delayed, you had a difficult time getting a seat, which was very uncomfortable, the flight attendants were surly, and that some snot-nosed kid kept kicking the back of your seat. Have a great Sunday!! Kate, whose city temperature this am was in the low 30's. But, our autumn leaves are very colourful and we're about to celelbrate Oktoberfest.

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