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>Half empty? Half full? #1117


David Slack, a New Zealand writer, journalist and bon vivant describes himself on Twitter as “Whisky drinker. Glass always half full”

Given that I’m in his necks of the woods and Robby, my sort-of kid sister lives in the same suburb and even KNOWS him, this is a more than appropriate post.

Mind you, I watched this guy for a good 10 minutes and he was drinking at the rate of a bloody humming bird, millilitre by millilitre.

I  would have finished it off and been back for a refill in a shot.

But that’s just me.

I’m thinking this guy (at the Villa Musica hoolie in Mainz the other day/week/month) might even be a wowser….

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2 thoughts on “>Half empty? Half full? #1117

  1. >If it's bourbon, I'll be knocking it back with you JB. What's a wowser?V

  2. >I'm with the glass half full group. Love the angle you have taken this shot.

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