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>Politically speaked….#1130


Germany has a Mixed Member Proportional voting system, unlike the “First past the post” system in the UK and the Electoral College system in the USA for presidential elections.

MMP invariably results in a coalition of various hues – the current federal one is Black (CDU – Centre Right) and Yellow (FDP – Liberal), the previous Grand Coalition was Black – Red (SPD – Centre Left) and the one prior to THAT was Black- Green (Green Party – Environmental plus acting as the country’s conscience in a lot of areas).

And then there are the possible permutations

Jamaica (as in the flag – CDU/FDP/Green) and the “Traffic light” coalition (Red/Yellow/Green) currently running the city of Mainz.

So I was wondering;

Is it a coincidence that the walking tracks through the Lerchenberg woods are colour-coded to represent the political flavour of the month?

Do they go really through the woods post-election and recode all the tracks?

Sounds like a waste of taxpayers’ money to me…

I should have asked Andrea Lützenberger, head CDU honcho-ess in Mainz who was jogging through the woods the other day in full war paint and trailing a cloud of perfume that would have suffocated an ox.

At 8:30 in the morning…..

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2 thoughts on “>Politically speaked….#1130

  1. >Directional signs could be confusing.

  2. >I cannot help you with this.V

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