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>"Alas poor Anemone Japonica hupehensis…" – #1132


Gave us great enjoyment until the ravages of time turned the blossoms into tight little balls of kapok and the shredder transported it to Plant Heaven aka the compost heap.

Talking of which: we have 3, all of them slumbering happily away producing masses of compost for the garden..

Mrs jb’s niece’s ultra-clever boyfriend Cassius (that’s not his REAL name – it’s just that everything he says has a harmonic tone that says “I am the greatest…!”) pointed out the fact that – at some stage, we’ll reach saturation point and the flower beds will be higher than the house.

Unfortunately, it appears that he’s spot on. so if you want some rocketfuel for your garden, send me an sae and I’ll get some over to you.

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5 thoughts on “>"Alas poor Anemone Japonica hupehensis…" – #1132

  1. >Okay. I'm a sucker for flowers, too.These are beautiful photos, especially the second, with its slanted stems.

  2. >The first photo captures the texture of the petals beautifully – you can almost feel the softness…Too much growth? Send me what you want, I'll take care of it. Any plant left in my care will die within three months – guaranteed.

  3. >Pink anemone? Luscious… nice photographs, too!

  4. >Compost? Phooey. I want an armful of those posies JB. Both are gorgeous shots. Bravo.V

  5. >For me? How lovely!! Cassius, must be the boxer, certainly not Shakespeare!

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