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>’Arping on – #1139


Jean Arp was one of the founding circle of the Dada movement and is omnipresent in these parts.

This sculpture in front of Mainz’s Rathaus (town hall) and the Arp museum at Rolandseck, designed by Richard Meier of Getty Cener fame.

Favourite Arp story:

When he was notified to report to the German consulate in Switzerland to be drafted into the German army in world war 1, he took the paperwork he had been given and, in the first blank, wrote the date. He then wrote the date in every other space as well, then drew a line underneath and carefully added them up. He then took off all his clothes and went to hand in his paperwork. 

He was told to go home.

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5 thoughts on “>’Arping on – #1139

  1. >Like the photo and the story. Does sound like a tall tale, but apparently one that Arp told.

  2. >I love Arp's work. This is nice piece.

  3. >PS. It should read, I HANG on every word. And, I really do; do you doubt ME??

  4. >V doubts you?! How odd; I hand on every word. Great story; who could make THAT up? Hmmm, come to think of it….I'd like to see the entire sculpture, tho.

  5. >You made that up.

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