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>Monthly Theme Day – Public transportation – #1144


Mainz is well served by public transport.

3 tram routes (this is the #51 thrashing up the Gaustrasse towards Hechtheim), untold bus routes (including #99, the Disko-Express which transports revellers to and from the fleshpots of Kastel) and a long-distance rail hub.

Not forgetting the Rhine and various autobahns.

Personally, I prefer my bike….

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7 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Public transportation – #1144

  1. >Life is a blur!

  2. >I love this! Has to be one of my favourites of the day. I want to learn how to do this sort of photography! Tried a few but more learning needed.

  3. >Zoom, zoom – they look like they really speed along down HauptstraBe!

  4. >Fleshpots???V

  5. >JB, very creative photo for transportation day… I probably would have had a lame photo of a stationary yellow school bus. Clever take! (I hope that no one did after having said that…)G

  6. >Lucky Mainz.And they still love their cars.

  7. >This is how it feels, sometimes, to be on public transportation, a BLUR!

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