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>[ i:t mor keyk] – #1159


Mr and Mrs jb enter the Annabatterie café on the Gartenfeldplatz in Mainz.

Median age moves 2 data points to the right.

Mean age moves infinitesimally from 23 to 23.000001.

Coolest place.

Mrs jb discovered it while Christoph and I were putting a hex on Mainz 05 (now having lost 4 straight games since we nudged them onto the slippery slope for leader of the league table).

It’s light years away from every Grannie Café you’ve ever encountered – cool stuff on the walls, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and chairs (all non-matching) spilling out onto the pavement, great food, decent-ish coffee (keep working on the espressi, girls…) and just the nicest children folks running it.

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5 thoughts on “>[ i:t mor keyk] – #1159

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  2. >Bummed you didn't invite me to join you for yummy coffee and treats in that cool cafe'! But, I'll build a bridge and get over it…

  3. >Silver blondes have to drink coffee SOMEWHERE you know JB!V

  4. >Go ahead, call them children, just not in public.My husband and I are used to raising the age most everywhere we go.

  5. >JB, the photo is nice and I would love a cup of espresso, but you crack me up with your narrative. Grannie Café? That is not a reference to GHOBs is it?Bises,Genie

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