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>Chock full of goodness – #1176


At Odile’s Advent hoolie.

If you listen to Monika Granereau, this cake of Aleppo soap will add years to your life and strip away decades of ageing, with the result that they’ll be IDing you in bars when you’re 94….

Not quite, but it’s chock full of goodness, just oozing olive oil and laurel oil and totally genuine, even says so here in Arabic.

I put on the most intelligent look I could muster (probably reaches about 75 on the IQ scale. Max.) and said “Well, I’m fluent in Arabic and it says here “Made in China”

“Nice try” she said “but there was an Iranian lady here just now, and she wouldn’t believe you. And neither do I.”


But it really is excellent stuff and she’s a very charming lady.

Not a big surprise if she’s a friend of Odile’s…

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2 thoughts on “>Chock full of goodness – #1176

  1. >"Good to see wimmen succeeding in business"

  2. >Send a case of it over here asap if it works as promised!V

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