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>The Weck-Dixon line….#1180


..just doesn’t have that …..RING…. to it….

What the Mason jar is to American housewives, the Weck jar is to German Hausfrauen. Or French ménagère for that matter.

Johann Carl Weck didn’t invent the process for preserving fruit in glass jars in an autoclave – that was a chemist by the name of Dr Rudolf Rempel – but Weck supposedly bought the patent in 1900 primarily because he was a wowser and didn’t care for the use of alcohol in preserving fruit.

He must have suffered from ADHS too, because he shot through to France the following year to carry on with the crusade.

But at this time of year, don’t they just make a very festive lantern.

Don’t know who invented the American version.

Perry Mason, probably…

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3 thoughts on “>The Weck-Dixon line….#1180

  1. >Nice berry in the glass. Funny to think of canning as an alternative to preserving in liquor.

  2. >Do I need to add anything else to my household? Nah, I'll just admire your photo.

  3. >Oh what a lovely idea. I have some Mason…er Wech jars, perhaps I'll get a candle and try it out. Love the DOF here JB. Good one.V

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