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>A different angel…-#1200


Early successes, spoiled the creation,
Hills, ridges reddish tomorrow
all creation, pollen of the flowering godhead,
Joints of the light, corridors, stairways, thrones,
Rooms from essence, shields made of ecstasy, riots
stormy ecstatic feeling and suddenly, single,
Mirrors which emanated from its own beauty
draw back in their own faces.

The folks who run Haus Ritzinger, the village church community centre, sent out calls for angels to populate their Christmas exhibition.

Hundreds of the darn things, the majority being angelic candlesticks et al

The poem actually kicks off with

Jeder Engel ist schrecklich (Every angel is terrible)

I have NO idea why they left that line out… 

Not terrible were one from 1620 (learned later, sadly anonymous due to appalling (i.e. total lack of) signage, Famous Journalist B. Schenk‘s and Mrs jb’s contributions:

Alena Lorencova’s angel. Probably on weed or speed – just look at the dilated pupils….

A tiny church weathervane from New England

Didn’t trust them with Steve Fullmer’s “Angel”.

It’s featured in Naomi O’Connor’s ” New Zealand art and culture” as “an example of the more innovative, purely decorative ‘pots’ made in recent years.

Can’t imagine that it would have been a snug fit….

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5 thoughts on “>A different angel…-#1200

  1. >Looks like a fitting exhibition at Christmas, love the pieces. (Product placement by a major computer manufacturer …)Hope you are not completely drowning in snow, and look forward to meeting you next year.

  2. >Really like the Fullmer Angel and do not blame you for holding that one back… I want Alena Lorencova's angel!Hope that your Christmas was merry and white.Genie

  3. >What a lovely idea for an exhibit. Glad your clan contributed. I like the angel on speed!! That pot is interesting as well.V

  4. >"Do the angels really reabsorb only the radiance that streamed out from themselves,or sometimes, as if by an oversight, is there a trace of our essence in it as well?" RilkeGreat choices to illustrate angels. I'd like to own all three!

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