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>A decidely perverse sense of humoUr…: #1210


As if all this bloody white stuff wasn’t bad enough, “Wintaro”, a local restaurant, has to rub it in.

“Pork fillet , potato SNOW* and salad”

*Really just mashed potatoes with a college education – steam them in their skins, peel them and put them through a ricer and then whip them with creme fraiche and butter

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5 thoughts on “>A decidely perverse sense of humoUr…: #1210

  1. >If you were in Paris with us, you wouldn't be up to your bum in snow. Told ya so.V

  2. >Even if it wasn't funny this would be a super photo. Of course we've none of that white stuff here, just endless endless endless rain -and up here I'm in a deep mist. grrrrr

  3. >Great (white) stuff!Wintaroo would be an even better name, serving frozen kangaroo tails and wallaroo fillets :-)Crème fraiche yes of course! Dump it everywhere, you can't go wrong.

  4. >Miam-miam… as long as we have them with a college degree let's give them a PhD and add some cheese!That is a lot of snow surrounding the sign!Bises,G

  5. >Never thought of adding creme fraiche, which I will try next time.

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