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>"What’s for dinner, Mum?" – #1213


“Hmmmm….let’s see what’s in the fridge ….Savoy cabbage, red onions, regular onions….. how about…. CABBAGE SOUP?!”


“Well, we COULD spice it up with a couple of pine cones….”

Seasonal table decoration at MajoRahn.

Not that I can usefully judge this sort of stuff….

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4 thoughts on “>"What’s for dinner, Mum?" – #1213

  1. >Mmmmh, I'll never ask a Germany based Kiwi for another recipe ! I'll let him tell me about what he know best – photography ;-)))

  2. >That's a lovely shot, although I have to admit that I just want to see photos of snow–not actually be in it for more than a few hours!

  3. >So you still have snow, JB? Very nicely composed but I cannot imagine that the pine cone will add much to the soup…G

  4. >Now THIS one is truly artistic!

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