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>Cinnabun it’s not… -#1214


Mrs Frank the Potter hails from southern Germany where tradition is Alive and Well.

Every year at Christmas, she bakes a batch of cinnamon cookies using moulds with traditional designs that have been in the family for yonks.

And gives us some.

Aren’t we lucky people….

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4 thoughts on “>Cinnabun it’s not… -#1214

  1. >Lucky guys indeed. I love the idea of the those traditional molds. I suppose they sell replicas these days?

  2. >I can't remember that kind of cookie, we used to make "Springerle" in moulds like that. But they are white(ish) with anisseed taste. What's the (Bavarian, Swabian, whatever) name for these?Moulds to treasure for generations. Nice shot – and to the photographer the spoils? It's a lovely custom to give away (not to mention receive) Christmas cookies.

  3. >Those are interesting old molds and like Kate, my favorite is the bird — very unusual. I have some that are only about 30 years old but did not make that type of cookie this year. Bises,G

  4. >Wonderful to receive edible gifts from friends!! Those molds make the goodies even more delectable. I particularly like the bird mold. Have a good week, jb.

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