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>To the Manna born – #1219


The guy at the Kaiser organic bakery stand on the market spun what sounded like a pretty tall tale yesterday.
“Essener bread has nothing to do with Essen (Ed: a city in Germany’s Ruhr industrial heartland)” he said “No, it’s over 2000 years old”

(Customer looks for traces of mould)

“Not the BREAD, the recipe” he says and rambles on about fermented sprouts and this and that and Jesus’s local bakery and that I can check it all out online (which is exactly why I’d pulled out the iPhone…)

And it’s all true.


The Essene supposedly flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD and supposedly the keepers of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Also supposedly descended from Zadokite priests the Priest.

And their bread – fermented wheat sprouts, ground up and baked at a low temperature – was supposedly the original manna.

Toasts very well.

Not “supposedly”, either.

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6 thoughts on “>To the Manna born – #1219

  1. >LOL Kate A supposedly exhausted JB tries to make fun of of a decidedly great bread if I judge from the photo. Direct descent from the original manna? Wow, call that a noble heritage!

  2. >Snoozing in Mainz this morning JB? You're a mess!V

  3. >It does look delish and you tell a great (truth) story…Supposedly, you are a mess!Bises,G

  4. >Ich hatte gern ein Stuck mit Butter!

  5. >LOL. Only you would whip out your iPhone and check that tale! Is it a sweet bread?V

  6. >By your comments, are we to believe that you are somewhat of a "doubting Thomas?" The bread does look very tasty.

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