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>Unchain my………#1222


… shopping trolley.

Or cart.

These high-tech thingies are daisy-chained and to release one, you need a €1 coin* for the slot.

Can’t get far if you want to steal one, though. Some outfits have RFID based (I think) perimeter protection which locks the wheels when you leave the premises.

*Plastic disk works, too.
Which reminds me of when I was working in the UK and frequently in Germany and someone worked out that a 5p coin fitted the 1DM slot on cigarette vending machines.

Instant price reduction of 95%….

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3 thoughts on “>Unchain my………#1222

  1. >Just like in important contracts, the fine print is what you should pay attention to. I had a good laugh.I'd never heard of this perimeter protection device before. It don't think French carts have it. I should try it out one day…

  2. >You mean the wheels would really lock??? I ever thought they just write it on the signs to scare the people. But didn't dare to try it.

  3. >Aldi??? That's about the only place around here that has the chains. If it means cheaper prices, I don't mind the extra effort.

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