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>Number 7 – #1127


This one slipped through the cracks back in May when I was hobbling around on crutches and being even less focussed than normal.
My mate Christoph‘s son Stephan is an architect in Ireland (not a good idea at the moment) and married to Áine (a good idea at any time)
This is Freia, 7th in the line of Christoph’s neat grandkids, at her christening in St Stephans.
Big hoolie afterwards and Stephan did his usual stunt of calling up a few weeks in advance and saying with his usual directness “You can either write the supplications or do the address at the hoolie. Up to you.”
Chose the latter which was quite cool, because research showed me that the name of the valley in North Yorkshire where my maternal grandparents lived – Fryup – has its origins in the Nordic “Freia* hop” – Freia’s valley.
Small world.
* Freia, goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. First 4 sound OK. Not so sure about the rest….
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3 thoughts on “>Number 7 – #1127

  1. >Freia is a beautiful child. Only you would be able to get this shot from "above'!!! What were you doing on crutches JB???V

  2. >I loved the story of the car purchase! Lovely couple and obviously a close family. The photo is an image of family continuity…very nice. Especially enjoyed seeing the little girl in the background.

  3. >Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful baptismal rite of Freia! Blessings to her!

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