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>Monthly Theme Day – Fountains – #1236


Good thing it’s winter.
Thinks: Even if the water WERE turned on, it would have frozen to ice, so there’s no danger of my getting wet…
So a good opportunity to squeeze inside the Fastnachtsbrunnen (Karneval fountain) aka the Narrenbrunnen (Fools’ Fountain) on the Schillerplatz and have a look at how it all works.
Of course, I’m none the wiser, because all you can see is the rather undecorative reverse of the structure, with only a few embellishments to hint at what’s going on outside.
But it was renovated last year, removing decades of mineral deposits and other sundry grunge and it’s scrubbed up quite well….
History lesson: The City Fathers asked around in 1963 whether some of the commercial outfits that had re-established themselves after the war would be prepared to donate towards a fountain celebrating Mainz’s Carnival tradition. Ludwig Eckes, a drinks manufacturer from Nieder-Olm came up with the money, tenders went out, 234 proposals came back and the design is the result of a collaboration between Professor Blasius Spreng, a Munich artist and Helmut Gräf, a Mainz architect.
9 metres high, decorated with over 200 figures and allegorical thingies, a few of which you can see here.
Plus yesterday’s Bacchanalian post.
Good thing I didn’t crop him out…..
The rest of the gang’s here with loads of good stuff.
Go and check them out
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8 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Fountains – #1236

  1. >The fountain is a thing to behold, jb. I just looked it up on the internet, and it's quite a structure. You really owe it to your fans to show sections of it. PLEASE!!

  2. >Whoa, this has got to be the most unique post on the theme this month! Fantastic idea!

  3. >That fountain really impressed me the first time I walked by Schillerplatz! But still it is impressive how you manage to squeeze inside it to take the picture…

  4. >Interesting view of the inside of the fountain. I would like to see what it looks like from the outside too!

  5. >An insider's view if there ever was one! I love that. (now I understand yesterday's hint)As you said, good thing it's winter. Wet feet and wet cameras aren't the best fun.Re your thinks: yeah sure your feet and a few other body parts would have frozen solid rather than gotten wet, but is that any better?Being the curious lot that I am, I googled the fountain's name to see a full view. Not sure what to make of it – let's say it's an amazing piece.

  6. >I'm with Kate… where's a photo of the outside, one of yours. I have already looked it up on the 'net. And for V, I think that I even saw an allegorical cat! (wonder if he knows T S Elliot?)Bisous,G

  7. >If it's anything I dearly love, it's an allegorical thingie!!!

  8. >Nothing ordinary or pedestrian about your theme day contribution!! Tomorrow you're going to show us the exterior, right??!

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