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>Crusaders and Infidels – #1266


Along with thousands of other Cantabrians, the Canterbury rugby team, the Crusaders, is homeless.
In the great scheme of things and in comparison with the unspeakable sufferings of a city that has experienced 2 major earthquakes within 6 months, the most recent having claimed in excess of 200 lives and gutted the city, it seems more than a little trite to get excited about sport.
But they’ve relocated temporarily to Nelson for their next 2 games and it’s an opportunity to see some good rugby (they’re playing the Warratahs of New South Wales, Australia and the Crusaders is chockfull of current and past All Blacks) and throw some dollars in the collection bucket that’ll be passed round.
Couldn’t buy tickets online so we drove 35km to what goes for the Big Smoke around here and joined a queue that was out of the door. 
This was the queue at the New World supermarket an hour after tickets went on sale.
(I even got some Rugby non-afficiandos to join it by telling them that milk was on special – 50c a litre)
More follows
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4 thoughts on “>Crusaders and Infidels – #1266

  1. >The "grey hairs" are either on the wrong side of the digital divide or have the time to queue and enjoy a good chinwag.Quite a few oldies down here – not the worst place in the world to retire to

  2. >Check… I have seen a rugby game… someone that I dated played in a local team… I'm not sure that I understood the finer points of the game… There are some, right?G

  3. >Guess what, I've never seen a rugby game. Imagine that. I trust you'll go and share photos for the poor unenlightened ones.V

  4. >The photo seems to indicate that there are a lot of "grey hairs" there who are rugby fans. Is it a popular retirement community? Or do just retirees like a rough and tumble sort? Yes, I know that Meg and Ben are residents and they don't qualify yet as retirees, but I am curious.

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