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>The Moutere Inn – #1268


The Moutere Inn is New Zealand’s oldest pub. Built in 1850.
It was a place to avoid for the longest time – motorcycle gangs used to hang out there, the food was awful and normal people stayed away in droves.
Andrew Cole bought it a few years back and he’s turned it into something really nice.
They have 12 craft beers on tap, local wines,  his wife Heather (who runs the Mapua Country Trading Company in Mapua) landscaped the terrace, they tore up the old menu (chicken and chips, sausage and chips, chips and chips…), disposed of the 2-years-past-its-best-by-date chicken they found in the freezer and do perfectly medium rare steaks with a mesclun salad and chips for sod-all-and-threepence, Morrocan chicken and good-looking pizzas.
Live music last Saturday night with Solroom and a really nice crowd of people. Some kids playing pool, families with littlies, townies (Ms jb and me plus Cameron and Maria), country folk.
Folk night on the 1st Thursday on the month.
See you there.
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2 thoughts on “>The Moutere Inn – #1268

  1. >I"ve got my bag packed. See you there!V

  2. >Great photo of a guy with great hair. The description makes me want to visit, too. Incidentally, how does ms jb keep up with you??!

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