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>Smile at the birdie….-#1275


All I ever wanted to be was an artist. Of course, life’s not that simple. So, before launching my career in 1999, I slung whiskey, taught wikd and wooly adolescents and even did a stint in journalism. My BA in journalism is rarely put to good use, [with the exception of this artist’s statement – Ed] but I still like spinning a yarn and reading the New York Times.

Barbara Franklet is cool beyond words.

She opened the Mockingbird Studio in Nile Street in Nelson in 2008, makes collographs and paper maché birds.

The latter she doesn’t sell.

Unless she feels like it.

Or unless people pester her and she sells them one to get rid of them.

I’m led to believe that I fall in the latter category…..

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3 thoughts on “>Smile at the birdie….-#1275

  1. >It was a pleasure……yes, rarely sold, but when I do, I am always certain they've gone somewhere fab

  2. >Oh she's adorable and I especially love the top portrait. I hope you bought the red one jb. V

  3. >"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"…or three, four, or five in the tree. Lovely looking birds as well as the artist.

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