Mainz Daily Photo

>Megastar – #1283


This captures Meg of Nelson Daily Photo fame as well as any photo I’ve seen.
Even if I say so myself.
Cheeky as always, glint of a smile in her eyes. 
Meg and Ben (who skipped before the photo op at the Suter Gallery cafe where met for lunch) generously let me encroach on their territory when I’m in the vicinity and thanks for that.
Back to MDP tomorrow.
Ho hum….
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7 thoughts on “>Megastar – #1283

  1. >So nice to see Meg in portrait. She's got a most mischievous smile!

  2. >Fantastic Portrait, jb.

  3. >….. :-< … 😮 … 😛 …:-{ …!!!!!!

  4. >What a fabulous portrait, JB. Meg must be so pleased with this. She looks as if she's about to say something really naughty or funny.

  5. >Hi. What a nice portrait.

  6. >What a great portrait. I love the twinkle in her eye!V

  7. >A very talented woman! You must have seen some of her weaving…??

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