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>Monthly Theme Day – Benson and …… – #1295



Working in the UK in the early 1970s introduced me to Estuary English with its wide variates of h-dropping and h-adding, not to mention the fricatives and affricates that you bumped into at every turn.

And then there was my cousin who worked in an off-licence (liquor store) part-time whilst at college with his stories of people drifting in for a “bottle of Graves”.

As in:  holes in the ground for dead people ( /ɡreɪvz/), not the region in Bordeaux ( (/ˈɡrɑːv/).

Best of all was the guy I used to work with asking a mate for a look at his copy of “Oui”, a soft-core tits-and-teeth magazine of the era.

“Lemme ‘have a butcher’s* at yer “Oi” when yer finished…..”

*Cockney rhyming slang: Butcher’s hook = look

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4 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Benson and …… – #1295

  1. >I thought of following that path myself. The French are notoriously good at misplacing the Hs in English. Hedges was the obvious choice but I couldn't find a suitable hedge in Avignon.

  2. >I agree with VJ…very clever you are!!

  3. >Why did I expect a dropped h from you? But my imagination did not quite round the corner to the dreaded weed. Those were the days – as a student in Tubingen we had an "Arbeitskreis fuer Toxikologie", exactly 50 years ago as I received an invitation for a reunion to be held in August.Nice stories.

  4. >I knew you'd think of something ever so clever today. I had forgotten all about that brand of cigs.V

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