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>These Germans have funny names – #1309


There are the Wagnerian Brünnhilde and Sieglinde (now adopted as the name of a strain of spud) and Siegmund (Victory Mouth) and Siegfried (Victory Peace).

Urmgard is one you’ll stumble across and there’s always Friedwart (Defender of the peace) and Friedhelm (Peace helment. Eh?)

But I’d never come across Mangalitza.

What a name! Mangalitza Wollschwein!

Mangalitza Woolly Pig!

“Healthy meat and sausage from Mangalita Wollschwein of Weidehaltung”

Hang on a sec! That’s dative. Or is it genitive?


What it REALLY says is ” Healthy meat and sausage from free-range Mangalitza* woolly pigs.”

Good thing I don’t do any translations. I’d be really crap, I’m sure…..

* A breed of Hungarian pig, valued for its hardiness and ability to live on virtually nothing and instantly recognisable by virtue of its thick woolly hide

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3 thoughts on “>These Germans have funny names – #1309

  1. >Altho that type of pig is supposed to be a goumet item, I lost my appetite after reading about lard and fat. Except for a few items, pork has never been much of a favorite of mine.

  2. >WEll you can say that again. I didn't understand one word of all thayaattt.V

  3. >Yes thank God you´re not doing translations…

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