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>"D is for…..-#1331



Or “Ditsch”.

Peter Ditsch’s Pretzel/Bretzel/Bretzeln (one of the academics will correct me, I’m sure….) factory is just up the road in Mainz-Hechtsheim and it’s a favourite destination for us impoverished pensioners.

60c instead of 70c at the kiosks in town.

Don’t even ASK what they cost at football matches….

And now you can get them deep-frozz  at your local supermarket.

I’ll have to toddle over there and do some unit pricing….

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4 thoughts on “>"D is for…..-#1331

  1. >Loved watching the video at, how they swing the Brezeln into shape. And of course the "D" Brezel.Let us know how the frozen product stacks up.

  2. >Defintely requires lots of mustard.

  3. >I don't know if cake and pretzels go so well together but I send you a cyber piece of my cake today anyway!

  4. >They must be pretty popular since they come in different varieties or do the packages in the right hand corner mean something else. Lucky for you that you that there's an outlet close to you so you can toddle over there often to get them. Have a good week-end, and eat a few of those goodies for me! How do they taste with wine or is lager the brew of choice?

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