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One of the chosen few – #1343

The Gates of the Gutenberg Museum – initially a 12 part series attempting to unravel the mystery of the bronze gates of the Gutenberg Museum.

Google has kindly misplaced posts for a mere 0.16% of its Blogger users.

Appears that I’m one of the winners, with the posts I’d set up to cover the rest of the Gutenberg Gates story having been kindly reset to draft status and all content deleted.

So see you in June when I’m back with a functioning interwebs and access to my notes and photographs to rewrite the stuff

Ho hum

I’ve now updated the information and rolled it into one article here


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7 thoughts on “One of the chosen few – #1343

  1. >It did look oddly plain in the portal.

  2. >Please don't give up. I love your blog and I check it out everyday. If you ever decide to change things up or migrate to a more secure platform, I absolutely love Just a thought. By the way, I think Mainz is a splendid city. I spent a few weeks there with friends two summers ago and I'm coming back this summer for a few weeks again. Peace.

  3. >"… prancing all over France"? Don't let Google spoil it for you, bad enough they spoiled it for us. And you have a spellbound audience on return. Best wishes.

  4. >Well dayum jb! How the hell did that happen? Well have fun prancing all over France. See ya when you get home.V

  5. >Can you hear me scream in horror?0,16% of us only ? That seems hard to believe, I was affected too and so were a good number of other CDP bloggers. But my photos were fairly quickly reposted, no big drama for me.For you it's a bloody shame. I was really into that series and looking forward to reading it all.F*** blogger.

  6. >What a bummer!! Too bad since I and others have been enjoying your 12-part series. Have a good time on your trip!

  7. >Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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