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>Monthly theme Day – Under construction – #1346


The 2010 vintage.

Roll on next year….

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6 thoughts on “>Monthly theme Day – Under construction – #1346

  1. >Sounds too labor intensive for me. Thanks to Google, here's my answer: It will take a few years before you are ready to harvest your first crop. … and there's more: Growing grapes that are going to be made into wine has been a long tradition in vineyards, backyard gardens, and all throughout history. It takes work and dedication to maintain a grapevine. Like most plants, they need weeding, pest control and pruning in order to receive a good harvest. It can take up to three years for a grapevine to produce any grapes on it. During this time the vine needs careful maintenance and attention through pruning. Pruning is simply getting the plant growth to encourage more growth.Think I'll just stick to drinking it!

  2. >Well, where are the vines…under construction?? Since I know next to nothing about wineries, except to enjoy visiting and tasting, how long does it take for the first crop after planting. Guess I'll have to google that…

  3. >Clever take on the theme!

  4. >I agree with Virginia! Huge field! but do I need to say it?

  5. >A great take on construction!

  6. >Looks like a dandelion farm to me.V

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