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>Wet feet – #1358


Been a bit damp around there for the last few days and these animals being paraded through the streets 2 by 2 have me a bit worried.
And especially the big boat they’ve got moored down at Mapua wharf.
Forget the name of it – 3 letters.
“Rak”, I think
Captain’s an old bloke with a long white beard and a strange look in his eyes.
As if he knows something that we don’t….
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5 thoughts on “>Wet feet – #1358

  1. >Rak, eh? How about the same letters arranged differently ? :-)The other option is to choose a tall mountain.

  2. >Many places in the states are experiencing drought and would love this moisture.

  3. >Hey john , just ordered my new iPhone case $18 🙂 will see u next time your are in nelson

  4. >Have you been seeing the ash clouds they're getting in Australia? The world weather is downright biblical.

  5. >Good for you down there JB. Up heah, we are as dry as a bone.V

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